Merryle Filkin, Dennis Macready's partner also travels between the United States and Australia, can be seen at some of the trade shows and handles the accounts for the Jump Pad company.

Jocelyn Jenkins can be seen at many of the trade shows we attend each year. Recently an Ambassador of Thrive and enjoys helping people have a healthier lifestyle.

Dennis Macready is the President of Jump Pad LLC and travels between the United States and Australia.

Business interests are a 35 year involvement in marketing and publishing. He can be reached on +61 755476547 in Australia and 865 387 5667 in the USA

As a park owner I have a jumping product and a jump pad  at my campground and am very familiar with what is in the market and as far as pricing, upkeep and maintenance the Jump Pad wins hands down. Randy can be reached on 704 902 1786

Talk to Sales Manager Randy Jenkins, a Campground owner for the past 34 years.